Monday, September 1, 2014

Latest Matchbox Batches with Pontiac Firebird and Ranec Lift

Well, my local Target and Walmart finally got new Matchbox stock on the shelves and I was lucky enough to get up to date on the last two batches. The only model I am missing is the Garbage truck (new model) with the gold rims but I will keep my eyes peeled for that one as it was a few batches back before these two. I had already found a few individual models from these batches a few weeks ago but already discussed them here ( In any case, here they are:

I like the continued theme....

WTH Mattel? Please retire! hardest model to find thus far.

Still metal so that's good:)

I like the wheel choice...many do not but I think it looks great. Just needed front lights and grill it really that much more expensive!

Plastic Fantastic...not a fan of castings going plastic but this came out nice...this time!

Nice, but where's the painted lights:(

Nice, but where's the painted tail-lights:(


Why this was modified I will never know because it is a strange Hummer casting....but at least it's licensed:)

Do not like this casting...and I love campers!

Love the casting, not the modern construction logos.

Nice but needs more front and rear details!

Nice HWs Reject!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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