Wednesday, October 16, 2019

My Latest Greenlight Purchases

Greenlight has been on a roll lately with a LARGE number of new castings. Their quality control is still suspect especially in the wheel department with wobbly wheels and off centered whitewalls etc. But, I can overlook that to a degree due to the sheer volume of excellent casting choices being developed and released. Hope you all enjoy.

Some Favorite Tomica Groups Shots from a Recent Sorting Exercise

I hope you all enjoy the pictures. It was fun working on organizing my #tomica collection recently.

New Xcartoys 1:64 VW Santana Station-wagon

Found on ebay for around $12 shipped

Another LCD Range Rover Model - A Certified Knockout!

No words necessary...ebay is your friend this time!. Around $23 shipped


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

LCD Models 1:64 Range Rover Velar (Yes, it's 1:64)

This is easily one of my most detailed 1:64 examples in my collection. This is made by LCD Models. IT ran me around $25 shipped but just look at it. What are your thoughts. There are 5 other colors to choose from.