Monday, August 31, 2015

3inchDiecastBliss Review of Latest Matchbox Releases including Cayman, BMW, A100 etc

Look what Matchbox finally put out...a German liveried 'Polizei' car and it's a brand new BMW casting to boot. This is what Matchbox should be about ALL THE TIME!!!! So I have been leaving plenty of new releases on the pegs as I am following my new rules of only adding castings/decos that I like and only first releases of castings I absolutely do not want another of...I may need to modify my new rules to not add any fugly castings as well moving forward for 2016. In any case, let's take a look at a few of the releases from the last few batches that I did pick up:

Love it...wish it had front/rear lights painted in!

Love it and it works with older Convoy/hauler trailers

Nice casting but feels a little cheap and a few too many colors for me on this example

Beautiful...more of this please

Very nice...a little too small and wheels a little too big but it works for me!

Nice...rear-end seems a little off but I can live with it and the wheels are terrific. Picking up many extras for customs

Almost left this one on the base is a terrible idea. Only b/c it is licensed did it come home

Nice but too much plastic. I like the deco and this is why it came home

Hard as Hell to find....very cool but just think how much better with detailing the lights etc

Not sure why this came home...I think b/c I like this second release better than the first. This will be my last example in my collection.

Nice but needs more detailing

Maybe the best this has looked in the mainline

I like this casting so it comes home

Looks better than the first release...nice.

This is a generic that I like...not love but like enough to bring home this time.

Yuck...the only one I will take home

Yuck...the only one I will take home
Until next time...check out my Instagram account for latest pictures and pics of my collection of all brands.

Jeff (94SS)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dirk Schleuer's Ambassador Update 02 September 2015

Ambassador Update 02 September 2015

Hello Matchbox friends,

Summer time is vintage car time... at least for me...several smaller and bigger meetings, rallyes and lots of fun.

Beginning August I went to a small place near the river Rhein called Hitdorf and did that with a very special car - see pic.

Sorry - pic is from a local newspaper so you normally do get a better quality from me! You know that Matchbox sold a model of that vehicle only some years ago?! (Check: European Economy Cars&uCatalog=3002)

With the special protection the trips to follow will surely be safe!

Having fun with our Messerschmitt KR200 Convertible - my Mom and me!

But know show you some new stuff coming:

New models from the 1-120 series:

New color for the very sought after Tesla:

And a new layout for the police Dodge Charger:

Even better from this angle?

All this pics will surely also turn up on Johns and Davids lamely group

( My friend John Nijhuis has devoted an extra page for my updates and report - check:

Rather sad news is that the supreme heroes series has been canceled. Only wave A with four models was produced and the other models shown from coming waves were just samples and not produced. But don’t be too sad - the best of world series is coming and surely fill the gap - check pics of three more models coming:

Lets start with the bike - surely special even in this very special set:

Printing on the seat proves that it is still before production and the pic came in really hot from the design team at the ToyBox at Mattel....

I include big pics so you don’t miss a detail....

And it surely would be wrong to miss a detail on this LandRover with emergency layout !

One more pic to enjoy!

Also we need a Cadillac - check out this beauty:

But we are not finished yet - highlight surely is Michaels 5.000 design - the bus:

And the other chocolate side....


 But also the front view is nice and shouldn’t be missed:

Last time I did ask you about new Matchbox Originals to do and I still keep that question alive. I do get several ideas of licensed vehicles to be produced and surely everybody can name on the point 5-10 castings never done before and surely worth doing. But I think these ideas will help the design team even more!

Oil field pipe truck and Timberjack log skidder::

And on my lunchbreak a had one of these on my pedestrian way: Nilfisk City Ranger - surely a great challenge to create:

 Because it bends in the middle to turn quicker:

Sometimes you find funny things on the way/road. This time a plane pulling kind of car....

If you know the wheels - yes - it is a duck (Citroen 2CV). At least the most useful and needed parts of it and surely it pulls a plane - prove picture!

I did take the picture on my rallye last weekend - the rallye was called “GoldRace” and took us from J├╝lich near Aachen (Aken) into the Netherlands and back home. Good weather and lots of fun:

Every team do get a Matchbox model Duesenberg with their own race number on it - so ours was number 2 ͙

From time to time I play with the little explore the world model ;) You surely can guess its purpose?!

We had lots of fun at the rallye and I wish you also lots of fun with the best hobby in the world....


Monday, August 10, 2015

Dirk's Ambassador Update 01 August 2015

                                                Ambassador Update 01 August 2015

Hello Matchbox friends,As said I will send you updates rather than waiting with the information until a next report would be due to be issued. With the new team in charge we do get pics and info at a stage that is way before we used to get them in the last years. Some info is spread direct thru Instagram “@matchboxworld” and some is coming thru our channels like my reports or the blogs like Johns and Davids lamely group ( To cover you with the information in time as well I will use these updates.

You might have seen this pic from the new licensed GHE-O Toy Fair model already:

Surely a beauty and a must have for me!

We are proud that we can also show you the backside of the model:

Always nice to see what the boys can do to the design and details when they aren’t limited to create a $1 toy!!!

That brings us to the “next step up” models – the best of world series is surely being a home run. Also not tied up in the $1 problem the range shows 12 super models to collect. My favorite so far is surely this Lambo LM002 with these perfect fitting tires and a nice deco:

But also the design for the standard model corvette to come is worth having a look at. Esp. if you check it against some weird decos from the last years:

And yes – I really want to collect your ideas of future models to come … the team is working on 2017 at the moment. As always around 25 new castings are in line. It is just a fact that being a $1 toy not every casting can be a licensed car even if we only suggest licensed models. Im pretty sure that we can still name 100s of good alternatives to do as a Matchbox but we might help the team more if we also find ideas for “Matchbox originals” (non licensed/generic) model like the glas truck from Larry’s report. So lets make an agreement: you send me your idea of a model and if it is a licensed one you make up your mind of either a Matchbox original idea or a decoration for an existing casting.

Ok – I start:

Being german and liking sport cars Im really a fan for this unique sports car: Wiesmann ( – you rarely see them on the street, but if you see one you take a second to enjoy it !

Ok – I make a wish now I keep my promise giving an idea of a Matchbox original model. Just passed one of these today – we see them in different versions around and we all need them to get the road we want to drive on – a street building machine – picture is one version, but I guess we can all live with this being a nice addition to our “INC” company vehicles:

The other idea is a design for an existing casting. You all know we do get the BMW M1 (1M) last years in a very special livery for the Leipzig show. (
But the car was also used as a safety car – check this:

So far so good … Have fun


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Custom Matchbox 1980s Toyota Supra

I love this casting...I miss this from Matchbox. These do not turn up that often and I buy everyone I see to restore. In any case, I went all black with this one to make it a bit sinister. I hope you all like it as much as I do!