Monday, December 8, 2014

Latest 2014 Matchbox Batch including the Silverado 1500 and 93 Mustang SSP

Okay...finally Target has some new Matchbox. I found most of these at Dollar General in Lynchburg, VA but I missed the Silverado and that was sitting on the pegs this morning along with the rest of the release. I left a few extra mustangs as well. Still looking for an extra Silverado to detail. Here they are:

Very Nice...maybe my favorite of the year but it is the same length as the 93 Mustang and it is more narrow than it. Take a close look at the printing of the front lights and the blue trim on the chrome above bumper...nice attention to detail...GM probably made them do it LOL!!!

Nice touch on the rear-end getting the details

Nice, but I really miss the front/rear lights and grill detailing.

I have never liked this but it looks ok...


Very nice!!

As you can see this casting has been modified. Plow no longer moves but some of what was plastic such as the upper fog lamps are now metal.

Meh....needs real wheels...not the sillyness underneath

Very nice...needs some more detail and a little big as it is as long as the Silverado. My hope is that Mattel continues to use the window plastic to create the front lights on future models as they have done here which helps the model immensely when they cannot afford to have more than 2 strikes for tampo.
Jeff (94SS)

New Matchbox 9-Pack Exclusives - Ford Fire and Porsche Boxster

These are pretty nice overall. Glad to see the Porsche Boxster released again after a long break.

Jeff (94SS)

Matchbox Land Rover Defender 100 Wheel Variations

It appears that the New Superfast off-road/truck wheel is having either supply and/or quality issues as some current vehicles with that wheel are showing up with the off road 5 spoke which I like better anyways:0

I will post a picture of the old Chevy Snowplow from the Ice Mountain Mission 5 pack soon as it also has been replaced.