Friday, February 21, 2014

Custom Dodge Dakotas by Matchbox

Another great Matchbox casting introduced around 1987 or so. This casting only had a handful of colors released by Matchbox. I like to pick up some extras for swopping out the wheels and for the really bad ones, just repainting them altogether and adding more modern Matchbox off-road wheels to it...which I think are the best out there for $1 releases.


And now some older ones (no ideas what happen to the paint on the silver one LOL):

Let me know what custom castings you might like to see as I have a few thousand to photograph.

Custom Matchbox Dodge A100

My version...hope you like.


Guri Duplo - How Very Siku of You

This is one of the brands that I have missed over the years. But a few years ago during my annual trip to Fall Carlisle, I came across a seller that had a ton of these. I was running a bit low on cash as it was the end of the day, but I spent the last of what I had. He sold them to me for $3 each which I think is a great deal. I still have not taken these out of their prisons, but maybe someday I will. What is really interesting to me is the wheels are a very close to actual Siku wheels. Until then, they can be viewed as is. Let me know if you need some more information or different angle shots as I have them hanging in the basement.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New GreenLights Added to Jeff's Garage

Let me start by saying...I do not buy too many Greenlights. I did initially, but  as the prices continue to rise ($5.99 at TRU) and availability began to be a problem, I just stopped looking for them. But, sometimes I have to throw caution to the wind and splurge. These next three were all purchased at TRU. The 300 in my view is one of the best new castings to come along from not only Greenlight, but any brand in quite some time. It would look right at home in AutoWorld packaging!!!!

This 2010 Mustang is a Greenlight 10th Anniversary special....

This nice Charger is from the CSI Las Vegas series but looks really nice (wheels seem a bit small however).

A Tale of Two Buicks - 1956 Matchbox vs. 1955 Maisto

I quickly wanted to post a comparison between the new Maisto Buick  and the Matchbox Police version. Everyone has agreed that the Matchbox version looks a little cartoonish but has been widely accepted as a nice toycar. The Maisto is presented in civilian mode, but with modern customization touches. I must say that the Maisto appears to have won in the proportions of the actual 1:1. What do you all think?

Now I realize this is a little unfair as the Matchbox is $1 while the Maisto comes in around $3.

New 2014 Maisto AllStars Series Available at Walmart

Hi Folks,

This weekend I was surprised to see that Maisto has been able to successfully get their product back into the Walmart chain...and I am not talking about the Walmart 'generic' packaging. The 'AllStars' series, last seen in big numbers at Target stores in the US around 5 yrs ago and more recently available throughout Europe sparingly, it was nice to see their 1:64 offerings again. It should be noted that they also seem to be carrying the 1:24 scale as well. So here are the pictures of the models I picked up:

The VW Beetle is for my friend Henk Hendricks in the Netherlands as he is an avid VW bug collector. It should be noted that these were shown in the 2013 Maisto pdf Catalog online at:

The 2014 Corvette and buick came in older blue blister packs whereas the Porsche and Viper came in a more Generic Maisto package that looked as if it was newer 2014 worldwide presentation. In any case, I hope you like these. I left behind a 2 door Cadillac (terrible tempo design) and a Lambo.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Corgi Jr and Whizzwheel Customs

So I love old Corgi as much as any other brand...and I look for them at toy shows in bad shape to restore them in different colors than they were released. I hope you all like them. Contact me with any questions.