Monday, August 22, 2016

M2 Machines 1970 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 442 W-30 1/64 Raw Chase Titanium

So I was lucky enough to find one of these while on vacation last week. It is limited to 250 pieces. I do not collect them and saw them going for big $$$ on ebay and elsewhere so decided to undercut all the ebay bids and put a Buy it Now of $90. It sold within 20 minutes. Fascinating. Now I have more money for Majorette:)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Matchbox Custom Contest on Instagram from @Matchboxworld

So the new Matchbox team posted a contest on Instagram to all customizers (and non-customizers) to start making any matchbox casting custom and tag with the hashtag #matchboxcustomscontest. Here is the post from @matchboxworld's Instagram account:

matchboxworldAttention all #customizers !! We're looking for the top 10 customizers to make magic on the raw, disassembled castings of the mighty #hakosuka #skyline #mb1022 Photograph an example of your best #matchbox custom and use the tag #matchboxcustomcontest. We'll send a model to the top 10 entries. 

 They received over 1300 entries. So many that they decided to reward 15 customizers. The winners were announced at the 2016 Matchbox Gathering in Albuquerque, NM in July. I was the 15th winner:)  Here is the custom that won my Nissan out of over 100 I submitted:

There was a catch. We had to take the un-spun Nissan and customize it for a 1:1 scale JDM show in California in October. Afterwards, they will send them back to us to keep. So, it really was hard to take this gift and make it somewhat worthless by adding paint, drilling it up etc. But in the spirit of the contest, that is what I did. Here is the letter and the casting as it came from Mattel.

Here are some early pictures of my custom Nissan that I will be sending back to Mattel.

One more to show my direction...

Will update once I complete my custom:)

Here is the final result: