Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tomica Galore - Drop Shipment

I have a decent Tomica Collection of around 500 cars. Recently, a good friend of mine from Church got stationed in Japan and I casually asked if he would mind picking up some new releases for me as I find them to be too expensive on ebay and online in general. Well, he ended up being very enthusiastic and was able to get a massive amount and have them shipped to me for $21. I paid a total of $190 (about $4.31 a car shipped) for the following including 3 extras that I already had. He asked me when I was ready for Round two:) You see, he was promoted and to move up in his career, he had to leave behind his wife and two daughters as one has diabetes and the service said there was no specialist for that at the base so he would have to do it alone. So you see, he has tons of time because he is now bored...well this works out to my benefit:)

I hope you enjoy my bounty:)

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