Wednesday, September 11, 2019

LCD Models 1:64 Range Rover Velar (Yes, it's 1:64)

This is easily one of my most detailed 1:64 examples in my collection. This is made by LCD Models. IT ran me around $25 shipped but just look at it. What are your thoughts. There are 5 other colors to choose from.

Friday, September 6, 2019

2x New Matchbox 5 packs: Christmas and Autobahn Express

Two new 5-packs were recently found from Matchbox (@matchboxworld). The first, a Christmas themed set is a strange release for September but with nice models none the less. I really do not buy too many non realistic decos these days, but the VW and the Mini won me over.

The second one however is straight up my alley. The Autobahn set is very nice. They could have easily put all supercars in this set, but I like that they added some everyday haulers like the Volvo and Mercedes SUV. I think they could have added a new German police car to this set:)

I hope you like the pics and good luck finding them if wanted.