Saturday, July 19, 2014

News from the 2014 MAtchbox Gathering - 2015 New Model List

Thanks to Mark (Markkaz) on, we have some welcome news from New Mexico:

"The new Ambassador is Larry Scaduto.

Mystery Models coming in 2015
More licensed vehicles in the mix.
Packaging style will continue but with new 'guaranteed for life' notation.
125 in the line

25 new tools including:
Mack CF Pumper
Airport Crash Firetruck (generic)
Spark Arrestor (firetruck/dune buggy concept)
BMW 5 Series Police Car
Fire Boat H/L
Tracked Missile Launcher H/L
GHE-O Rescue Licensed from Romainia (G-O Motors)
Ford F150 Contractor Truck
Rain Maker (farm sprayer)
Mountain Mover H/L
Lamborghini (Cheetah) LM002? Hummer-like looking vehicle
All Terrain Moto H/L
Malibu Marauder H/L
2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk
Jeep Willys 4x4 Pickup
Roar By Four H/L (dune buggy)
Critter Truck H/L
Air Boat (swamp boat) H/L
2013 Ford Cargo
Porsche Caymen
Meter Made
Tesla Model S
Cadillac One Limo
New Licensed European Model (SECRET)
Airport Tractor H/L

Premium Diecast Line called "Supreme Heroes"
18 models (17 licensed)
soft tires
realistic liveries
Blister card package without box

12 5-packs
6 sky buster Mission Force packs
9/10 packs continue with 1 exclusive model
5 new Sky Busters
1:64 scale tall trucks (separate line)"


  1. Would like a bit more news on the Supreme Heros line and I am very interested in the 1:64 Tall Trucks description. As for new models, looking forward to the Limo, Tesla, Cayman, Ford Cargo, Jeeps and the BMW police.

  2. Secret Euro Model **COUGH Jag XE**COUGH**

  3. I heard the 1/64 Tall Trucks is the same as those ugly 1/24 scaled ones...sigh:(