Monday, July 7, 2014

Majorette Range Rover Evoque - What Mattel Could Not Do

So once again, small little Majorette (parent Simba-Dickie) has been able to pull off another beautiful release in it's miniatures range that has eluded Mattel for a while now. Could it be that Range Rover (Tata) did not like the cheap representation that was being shown to them in samples from Mattel? Did they want a logo or something on their product's packaging much like Ferrari and Mercedes Benz require these days? Did they want their lights and trim detailed? Oh...that is more than 3 tempo strikes LOL.

Let's take a look shall we? Hmm, the first thing that strikes me is the stance. Smart choice of wheels. Not my current favorite from Majorette, but they will do and are close to the ones on the real vehicles pictured above. No huge 4x4 wheels like someone else we know likes to do:).

In classic Majorette tradition, take a look at the front headlamps molded as part of the windows....most excellent!

And what is opening part? Nice liftgate which Majorette does better than many Tomicas.

And what else to say about the rear? Painted tail-lights and the Range Rover do they do it!

And a detailed base to boot...

Looking handsome from above as well......

I ordered this from Thailand for $10 shipped and am quite happy. I do not pay this much for a Majorette often, but this model demanded I do it. I hope you all enjoy and hope you all find your own copy very soon.


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