Monday, July 21, 2014

New Matchbox 9 Packs with GMC Tow and VW Cabrio

Okay...after weeks of nothing new from the Orange brand, these were finally found at my local Leesburg Target. I like the two exclusives but HATE that Mattel continue to include some of the same crap they put in the last couple of 9 packs...I mean come many blue Ridge Raiders are there. Even with doing customs and a need for wheels and tow-hooks, I can not use them all LOL. Hopefully they wil do a better job of vehicle placement for 2015. We have already been told that these will continue with only the one exclusive...the rest will be from 5-packs and 1-120 series. Oh well, let take a look shall we?

Notice that the hook is cast in plastic and no longer moves freely

Base updated with Elephant and new logo

Very Nice

Nice details

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