Tuesday, July 8, 2014


My goodness....Majorette continue with the home runs. Take a look at this gem. Realistic livery/markings, side mirrors, opening parts, separate light-bar (not popping through the roof), painted lights, normal wheels and ride height, an adjustable tow hitch , clear windows, smooth paint etc etc etc!!!!

Opening parts? Check 

Cool Canopy!

Tail-lights painted? Yep

Grill Detailed? Yep!  Plastic front lights? Check!

Nice VW logo!

Rear lights and livery continues on the back...hmmm! Is that more than 3 surfaces painted? Yep!

Nice thin paint...not so thick to loose the casting lines!

Detailed baseplate and moveable trailer hitch? Yep!

I look more and more forward to these new Majorettes...they have filled in my realistic vacancy slot that Matchbox used to provide. Simba-Dickie appears to be a very good Parent company for Majorette. I am praying they get their foot back into the US Market at some point. Until next time....



  1. I'd love to add this to my collection of INEM vehicles, any help for a Canadian Colletor ????

  2. I got it on ebay for $10 shipped out of Thailand.

  3. Helloa !

    Realy nice model, I hope find it one day in France...

    I see on side an internet adress from Portugal (.pt) !
    I ll go ask to a fried who live in Lisboa if he can find it with the bomberos version...

  4. Hi...thx for the comment. I had to order it from ebay as well.