Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Matchbox Series #75 - Ferrari Berlinetta Customs

The Matchbox Series #75 'Ferrari Berlinetta' was not a favorite of mine growing up. I liked it quite a bit but never was my first pick when selecting cars with my brother. The #22 Pontiac and #20 Impala Taxi were. But as I got older I found that the Ferrari Berlinetta was rounding out my top five favorite Lesney Regular Wheels along with the VW Fasback and the No.46 Mercedes 300SE Coupe. Honorable mention to the Cougar, Beetle, BP Towtruck, Jaguar Coupe, Mustang and Mercury Sedans and Wagons. 

I have found myself customizing more Berlinettas than any other RW. The casting really is quite perfect in every sense. The fact that they are quite easy to find in rough shape never hurts either. I like to add modern wheels to them but many times just clean up the ones that it came with using a metal wire brush. In any case, I hope folks find one they like and please leave a comment if you have any questions and/or requests. So, on with the show!

First, let's show some love for the factory originals. These are not my pictures but I have given credit below. Please visit those pages for more information. Keep in mind that there were quite a number of base and grill variations (as well as box/blister) but I am only covering the different wheels and colors that were available.

Image from http://www.mbxforum.com
Image from http://www.mbxforum.com
Image from http://www.mbxforum.com

And now for my customs. Some of these were done long ago and others within the last few months so the quality of the custom will be different for each one.

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