Thursday, March 13, 2014

Matchbox 2000 Impala Pulling Camper - What Could Be If Mattel Would INVEST in Matchbox

Matchbox 2000 Impala (formerly the Police version) with current travel trailer casting

Okay boys and favorite custom in a long while. Why? Because it is just so simple, plain and unassuming. A nice design devoid of crazy graphics or silly wheels. I added details to the front and rear and added the wind scoop from an old Majorette pickup to give it a little something extra. It actually reminds me of the very cool Renault from Majorette many years ago which is in the photo below (blue with yellow guard).

Matchbox still sells their 'Hitch-n-Haul' (HnHs) series to a small number of customers who continued to order the product because they sold well for them. HnHs are sold at Giant Grocery Stores, Big Lots and other quirky locations...and they sell even though Mattel has not released a new version in several years. I think that tells us that there is still demand for them. However, as usual, if Walmart, Target and TRU do not order a product, Mattel discontinues it from the mass market. But with a little more imagination like they did in the 1970s - 80s with the Twin Packs, these could be a good seller once again...and hell, use that Daf cab and hook a trailer up to it and re-release Convoys (an idea below) under the HnH umbrella. Now being that the Impala is going on 15 yrs old, newer castings should be considered...and these should be licensed. In any case, take a look and let me know how you like it...and give me your ideas that Mattel could do.

And as for that Convoy idea...How about this?

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