Sunday, March 9, 2014

Majorette BMW 5 Series Touring = AWESOME

Credit Car&Driver

If you have been reading my blog from the beginning, you know I like wagons...all types and all makes for the most part. You also know that I LOVE Majorettes in general, but more so since the last 4 years or so since they have been cranking out some pretty cool castings...and true to Majorette fashion, not always a popular supercar like a Ferrari, but normal cars, SUVs and trucks that kids would see on the highway and/or around town while riding in their parents vehicle. And Majorette has always had the knack for doing everyday 'parental unit' cars as well. And this BMW 5 Series Touring is no exception. Majorette must like it as well because it has seen it's fair share of colors and wheel variations. I am currently up to 6 colors and I know of two colors that I am missing...white and silver. Now let's get to the pictures....

So..there you have it. The only thing to make these better would be the addition of license plates (which they are known to do), and identification badges to the rear end (i.e. BMW Touring). They have side mirrors, suspension, nice wheels, nice paint and variety, great size and a quality look to them. Matchbox needs to take a look at Majorette and study how they have roared their way back into stores worldwide which they had abandoned decades ago. Simba-Dickie have had much to do with this...but they have done it by executing simple appealing designs of real life vehicles that kids and adults both find irresistible. I hope the best for Majorette moving forward and hope one day they are readily available here in the United States once again...where they remain for the most part missing in action. Take note Mattel, and follow their lead.

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