Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hot Wheels "Cool Classics"

This is another premium series that Mattel allows Hot Wheels to market to add additional sales to their bottom line while using existing castings. The best part of this series is that the bases are metal...and they ought to be as they range in price at retail from $2.49 at Target, $3.47 at Walmart and $3.99 at TRU. In any case, even $2.49 is a crazy price for these as they have no front and rear detailing done for the most part. And the paint is just a flat spectraflame but those two additions do not make these worth $1.49 - $3 more than a basic release of the same model sans metal base and paint.

Fortunately, I only collect what I like from Hot Wheels and feel no need to collect the full lineups from any of their releases. I just wish some of this effort and investment would be put toward the Matchbox brand and let the Design team loose with larger budgets to make full use of their talents. I am sure they are as tired of hearing us complain as we are of the lack of investment in the brand.

In any case, I do still pick up a few but I am selective as I already have so many toy cars...that I just need to do a better job of refraining. Drop me a comment and let me lnow which ones you all like to collect.

Jeff (94SS)


  1. I've yet to buy any of these. I'm like you, I collect mainly Matchbox, but buy some HW that I like. None of these have been worth the money to me. Especially considering the fantastic Boulevard series they replaced.

  2. Hey Logan...thanks for the feedback. I wait until Target gets them to buy at the lowest price...if they get skipped over...oh well:) However, that Blue Bird I would pick up anywhere...I loved that since it was introduced with Modern Muscle in Brown..hard to find that one.