Monday, August 10, 2015

Dirk's Ambassador Update 01 August 2015

                                                Ambassador Update 01 August 2015

Hello Matchbox friends,As said I will send you updates rather than waiting with the information until a next report would be due to be issued. With the new team in charge we do get pics and info at a stage that is way before we used to get them in the last years. Some info is spread direct thru Instagram “@matchboxworld” and some is coming thru our channels like my reports or the blogs like Johns and Davids lamely group ( To cover you with the information in time as well I will use these updates.

You might have seen this pic from the new licensed GHE-O Toy Fair model already:

Surely a beauty and a must have for me!

We are proud that we can also show you the backside of the model:

Always nice to see what the boys can do to the design and details when they aren’t limited to create a $1 toy!!!

That brings us to the “next step up” models – the best of world series is surely being a home run. Also not tied up in the $1 problem the range shows 12 super models to collect. My favorite so far is surely this Lambo LM002 with these perfect fitting tires and a nice deco:

But also the design for the standard model corvette to come is worth having a look at. Esp. if you check it against some weird decos from the last years:

And yes – I really want to collect your ideas of future models to come … the team is working on 2017 at the moment. As always around 25 new castings are in line. It is just a fact that being a $1 toy not every casting can be a licensed car even if we only suggest licensed models. Im pretty sure that we can still name 100s of good alternatives to do as a Matchbox but we might help the team more if we also find ideas for “Matchbox originals” (non licensed/generic) model like the glas truck from Larry’s report. So lets make an agreement: you send me your idea of a model and if it is a licensed one you make up your mind of either a Matchbox original idea or a decoration for an existing casting.

Ok – I start:

Being german and liking sport cars Im really a fan for this unique sports car: Wiesmann ( – you rarely see them on the street, but if you see one you take a second to enjoy it !

Ok – I make a wish now I keep my promise giving an idea of a Matchbox original model. Just passed one of these today – we see them in different versions around and we all need them to get the road we want to drive on – a street building machine – picture is one version, but I guess we can all live with this being a nice addition to our “INC” company vehicles:

The other idea is a design for an existing casting. You all know we do get the BMW M1 (1M) last years in a very special livery for the Leipzig show. (
But the car was also used as a safety car – check this:

So far so good … Have fun



  1. Hi Dirk. Thanks for the update. I like the two models pictured - the Lambo and the GHE-0. Waiting for the standard ones to come to the shores of the UK.

    For 2017 I'd like to see a log skidder. Whilst a John Deere one ( or other licenced one) would be nice there are lots of others there and a generic could look good. Doable in 4 pieces including a loose log holder. Go easy on spot lights, roof mounted air horns etc etc. Nice if it could drag pencils etc. thanks. Chris

  2. Hi Chris...this is Jeff from 3inchdiecastbliss not Dirk. Dirk sends his reports to various website to post the information but we leave the reports as they are written.

  3. Hello. Nice blog of miniature diecast. Here's mine

    1. Many thanks..I'll check out your tomica blog...

  4. Too bad that "is not" what the LM002 and the GHE-O look like.