Monday, August 31, 2015

3inchDiecastBliss Review of Latest Matchbox Releases including Cayman, BMW, A100 etc

Look what Matchbox finally put out...a German liveried 'Polizei' car and it's a brand new BMW casting to boot. This is what Matchbox should be about ALL THE TIME!!!! So I have been leaving plenty of new releases on the pegs as I am following my new rules of only adding castings/decos that I like and only first releases of castings I absolutely do not want another of...I may need to modify my new rules to not add any fugly castings as well moving forward for 2016. In any case, let's take a look at a few of the releases from the last few batches that I did pick up:

Love it...wish it had front/rear lights painted in!

Love it and it works with older Convoy/hauler trailers

Nice casting but feels a little cheap and a few too many colors for me on this example

Beautiful...more of this please

Very nice...a little too small and wheels a little too big but it works for me!

Nice...rear-end seems a little off but I can live with it and the wheels are terrific. Picking up many extras for customs

Almost left this one on the base is a terrible idea. Only b/c it is licensed did it come home

Nice but too much plastic. I like the deco and this is why it came home

Hard as Hell to find....very cool but just think how much better with detailing the lights etc

Not sure why this came home...I think b/c I like this second release better than the first. This will be my last example in my collection.

Nice but needs more detailing

Maybe the best this has looked in the mainline

I like this casting so it comes home

Looks better than the first release...nice.

This is a generic that I like...not love but like enough to bring home this time.

Yuck...the only one I will take home

Yuck...the only one I will take home
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Jeff (94SS)


  1. Why is it so IMPOSSIBLE to either find these models, or have someone help you locate them, the world of diecast has really separated this year.........

  2. Targets and Walmarts are getting these in Virginia (all over).

    1. Unfortunately the UK has neither of these store

  3. I is a challenge to find them in most of Europe in general since Mattel purchased Tyco...