Thursday, May 14, 2015

Matchbox Batches C & D

Hi...finally picked up a few Matchbox. I did skip a few as you will see under my new rules of collecting. Any still packaged are the ones I left behind. I hope you like the pics.


Nice license plate and logo details...

Great new model!!!

Nice rear details!

Welcome back to this awesome casting!

Love the rear:)

Not a model I like and will not buy many more, but the design was too nice this time around to leave it out of the collection...

Pretty model so I had to pick up but may be the only one I do.

Arms are VERY flimsy...I see this being modified SOON!


Cute...not sure how many more I will get but new model so had to get one.

Nice enough...

Classic it!

Almost stock but nice enough to get!

New model...only one I will ever pick up! close to leaving it but I took one!

Never thought I would get more of these, but the design is pretty solid!

And the ones I left behind under my new non-completist rules:)

Never again will this model come home!

Never again will this model come home!

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