Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Custom Mercedes Benz all Made for a Customer/Friend in the Czech Republic

I have a customer from ebay that LOVES anything Mercedes Benz. He buys pretty much anything I make as long as it is repainted and/or addition of rubber or modern wheels etc. In return, he looks for Welly and Majorette for me. Isn't this the best sort of thing that collecting should be about....I hope we keep doing this for a long time.

WARNING: LOADS of pictures:)

Well....that was more than I remembered!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeff (94SS)


  1. Wow - great set of customs! I enjoyed seeing the wheel swaps and custom paints. I always get a kick out of doing wheel swaps when I change brands - putting Hot Wheels wheels on Matchbox and vice versa. You gave me some ideas and inspiration!

    It was fun trying to guess the casting - especially for some of the less common castings that were no longer in original color or with original wheels!

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