Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My First 2015 Matchbox...My Plan Not to Be a Matchbox Completist Anymore!

2015...will bring much change (and savings) for my Matchbox collecting habits beginning this year. It has been coming for a few years now but I have decided to no longer be a Matchbox Completist. I have collected Matchbox models with my dad since the age of 8 years old and have collected pretty much all 1-75 (1 - 120) singles, 5-packs, 10 packs (9 packs:( ), playsets etc whether I liked the models or not. It was just what my dad and I did for fun and helped forge a special relationship between us. When he passed unexpectedly in 2002, I decided to keep collecting because it continued to help me feel close to him. I would talk out loud and to myself as I came across new models or releases as if he was there with me.

It was tough to continue collecting in the 'Hero City' days as most Matchbox product was a letdown. But I continued to add planes, boats, motorcycles, generic castings to my collection even though I really did not like them. Then came a resurrection of the brand at least in my opinion from the years of 2004 - 2011 or so. Great times to collect and I continued to pick up everything. Then, new management, new direction to further move away from Hot Wheels, Matchbox once again went in a direction I did not like and continues to do so into 2015 and I just decided enough is enough.

This was harder than I thought. Leaving my first 2015 1-75 models on the shelf was very strange and I agrued with myself that it was only three models @ $1.09 each and what would it hurt? But, I was able to resist the urge and believe I have broken the spell of being a Completist. Besides, I still buy many Matchbox which still allows me to discuss with my dad but the best part is the savings I will reap...No more buying 10 packs for one 'exclusive' car LOL. No more buying 5 packs  not knowing which ones will be released as singles later in the year because Mattel can not get it together enough to provide complete listings for the upcoming year. But what it does allow is for me to start using that savings to build my collection of Majorette (http://www.majorette.com/fr/marques-produits/majorette/voitures/) and Welly (http://wellydiecast.com/product.php?&cid=1&sid=7&page=1) 3inchdiecastbliss!

So...let me start by saying that I will buy each 'new' Matchbox casting release (first edition) or any modified castings such as the Cadillac Ambulance to keep 'ONE' example of each model (MAN#) for the collection. But no recolors etc will be purchased unless it is a model that I enjoy such as the 2014 Chevy Silverado for example. So let's now take a look at some new Matchbox releases for 2015 (some are from the last batch of 2014):

Found a shade variation on the Silverado

Great Theme!

Finally found this modified casting

Wonderful 'INC' theme continues and is one of the more excellent executions from the Matchbox team

Hard to find but nice. Would have preferred no logos

When Matchbox does it right, it is right. I assume this will get modified in the future to make the light bar part of the windows...let's hope not but I have little faith here.

Just plain coolness...love this casting.

One of the better decos on this casting

Nice color and deco

I almost left it on the shelf due to the wheels...

Pretty Cool

Not to my liking but it is a new casting so into the collection it goes...but I will not be adding another one.
Found this wheel variation but under my new rules it does not come home:)

A great casting that I will continue to buy

Please use some realistic colors Mattel!

I quite like this casting for a generic as it reminds me a bit of a Land Cruiser.

I quite like this casting for a generic as it reminds me a bit of a Land Cruiser.

Love this casting and goes nicely with the 1st release in blue...hoping for White next:)

Not to my liking but it is a new casting so into the collection it goes...but I will not be adding another one.
Found this wheel variation but under my new rules it does not come home:)

Now let's show you the new 5 packs I picked up....mainly due to one casting in each pack has a new MAN# due to a modification. But in all actuality, I quite like the models and decos in these two first releases for 2015.

Battle Mission

Roof modified from metal to plastic and the rear bed is missing the metal area where the cap used to push into.

New MAN#

Mattel sealed the rear access which diminishes play value but they must save even more money to allow HWs to have 30 different lines each year.

New MAN#

 Second new 5 pack:

Construction Zone

Love the continuation of the 'INC' deco.

Nice deco


Very nice...but need to save more money Matchbox to support your rich blue brother:(

Why not make it plastic for the whole bed...why just 3/4....looks wrong!

New MAN#

okay but fits theme nicely.

Let' stake a look at the casting modifications from one of the last 2014 five packs that included the mail van and Express Delivery:

New on right...

New on right...

New on left...

New base on bottom...

So let's take a look at what I left behind: 

Better than the first release but do not like the scale or the casting.

Best deco to date but I HATE this casting...no go home.

Is there a stronger word than hate....no more of these EVER coming home...YEAH!

Not realistic enough and do not like the casting.

Lame...how about a real car transporter? Looks like it belongs at HWs

Nope...and I already own that casting so it stays $$$

More savings $$$ and not even an exclusive model. Fail.

More savings $$$ and not even an exclusive model. Fail.

More savings $$$ and not even an exclusive model. Fail.

More savings $$$ and not even an exclusive model. Fail.

Neat idea but no exclusive so no go home $$$

So there you have it folks....I would love to hear some feedback if you think it is a good idea, if I am crazy or whatever. It feels good!

Jeff (aka 94SS)


  1. I'm glad you broke the spell! I've never been a completist, and never understood he need to buy castings you don't like. Luckily, there are many new interest casting from Matchbox in 2015, let's hope they execute them correctly!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I love reading your blog!

  2. Being a former completest for several lines of diecast cars [UGH], I know that once you get that monkey off your back and actually collect what you like; you become far happier since collecting also becomes more fun and less stressful. You also become slightly wealthier which the savings will probably will go elsewhere; LOL! Congrats on un-burdening yourself!

    1. Many thanks for responding. Good to hear someone else who had a similar problem:)

  3. It was my father who taught me about cars and...buy me MBX/Tomica/Majorette/HW models. Though he stopped buying me the cars since I competed primary (and now it is me who buy him and share with him the classic car models), I keep on the habit to collect different diecast cars for fun and release pressure.

    Once I had though of becoming a "completist", however, there were not much MBX models available in HK whenever 25 years ago or even now. Very disappointed on this. What I wish to do now is to collect as many models of 80s/early 90s MBX models. It takes time, searching shops selling old toys / browsing yahoo or ebay....but its funny. Of course, I also support the new models, I believe many of the new launches are in my to-buy list.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures!

  4. One of the biggest challenges for a collector is deciding where to draw the line and the boundaries for thier collection... Similar to some of the above comments, I decided early on to collect "what I like" and not worry about having everything. It makes it fun rather than work. Of course, sometimes once an unliked model is retired I realize that I like it slightly more than I realized - and missed out on the chance to easily collect it...