Thursday, May 29, 2014

Finally New Matchbox - Singles, 5-Packs and Variations

Finally...a new release of this great casting!

Hello friends...I wanted to quickly post my new Matchbox finds as things have been really slow in the Leesburg, VA area lately. Well, that all changed overnight with new shipments of singles and 5-packs at my local Target...yes Tarrrgggeeett:)

I am still a Matchbox completest and I will admit it has been pretty hard staying the course over the last few years as well as the Hero City era. But, they still release a few (very few) gems to us 'adult' collectors every once in a while such as the beautiful CTS Coupe above. However, they continue to make models cheaper and cheaper. The latest Ambo report previews a pretty cool Raft truck but with no Windows and terrible colors. Oh well, enough bashing for now. Let's check out the latest releases which I believe are part of Batches E-G.

Mattel has reverted back to the older style 4x4 wheels on this model

This is kinda neat

My favorite of this batch!

Nice...but how does the target audience (3-6yrs) know what this is:)

Nice and Realistic...just as I like them! More of this Please!

This is one heavy bike...I am going to weigh it and see how much heavier it is then some of the new truck models

I like this...needs front end lights painted. I also have seen this is now out with Gold rims as well.

For a generic...not too bad. Bike above feels much more solid and heavy than this...not right!

Maybe the best this has looked?

Not a big fan...but it has three much for Mattel saying they could not do that LOL!

The way a generic can and should be done if it HAS to be done!

Nice wheels...nothing else to say. Please retire this one!

Very nice!!!

And now lets take a look at some new 5-Packs. I like that these are out early so I know which singles to not buy when they hit the shelves from later Batches. Let's look at the new 'Fire' themed set first:

Good to see this back!

Nice...but what about that target audience LOL!

First release since this casting was modified...

Here is the original casting in the same design!
Nice PLASTIC Mattel...not good!

Red Windows kill this for me as well as for being generic we will look at the 'Emergency' themed set called 'Rescue Duty':

No comment...hurts my eyes!

Very nice but it's plastic and has no front/rear lights detailed

I quite like this generic for whatever reason....if designed properly and this is IMHO

Hero Days are here!

Hero Days...ahh, you get the point.

And now we take a quick look at the latest Construction 5-pack which included two wheel variations. This is a nice surprise and I did not mind picking up a second set for these two and the 3-axle scraper which I quite like.

Mattel reverted back to older 4x4 wheel design

That is it for now...stay tuned for more goodies soon!

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