Thursday, May 8, 2014

AutoWorld Finally Gives Up the List of Series 3 Releases

The official release 3 list!
We have been asked daily from every corner of the world which cars will be made for release 3. The final list has been under lock and key, but the wait is over! Tony K, our AW brand manager and tooling specialist, has been very busy working on the fine details of these cars. After numerous revisions, suggestions, late night cups of coffee, and ideas from MANY collectors across the internet, release 3 will feature:

Deluxe Line:
1) 1967 Corvette with new side pipes and chassis 
Set A: Red with white Stinger hood, Set B: White with metallic blue Stinger hood

2) 1987 Camaro Z28 IROC-Z with new front, rear, and hood
Set A: Maroon w/ IROC-Z graphics, Set B: Yellow w/ IROC-Z graphics

3) 1969 Mercury Cougar with new front and rear
Set A: Medium Lime, Set B: Maroon

4) 1996 Pontiac Firebird T/A with new hood
Set A: Black, Set B: Red

5) 1985 Ford Mustang SVO with new front
Set A: Dark Green, Set B: Black

6) 1967 Chevy El Camino with new front and rear
Set A: Nantucket Blue, Set B: Emerald Turquoise

Premium Line:
1) 1969 Chevy Kingswood Estate with new front grille    
Set A: Black, Set B: Olympic Gold

2) 1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL Convertible (top down)
Set A: Red, Set B: Chantilly Beige

3) 1966 Mercury Comet Caliente with new front and hood
Set A: Tiffany Blue, Set B: Jamaican Yellow

4) 1970 Chevy Impala Custom Coupe (NEW TOOL)
Set A: Red with flat black roof, Set B: Forest Green with flat black roof

5) 1967 Cadillac Eldorado (NEW TOOL)
Set A: Marina Blue, Set B: Ember Firemist

6) 2015 Ford Mustang GT (NEW TOOL)
Set A: Yellow, Set B: Red

Licensed Premium Line:
1) 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Featured in Hemmings Muscle, Jan. 2011)      
Set A: Red with black Mach 1 graphics, Set B: Grabber Yellow with black Mach 1 graphics

2) 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T with new front, rear and hood (Featured in Hemmings Muscle, July 2011)
Set A: Plum with flat white roof, Set B: HEMI Orange

3) 1973 Plymouth Road Runner (NEW TOOL, Featured in Hemmings Muscle, Sept. 2009)
Set A: Red with white stripe, Set B: Dark silver with orange stripe

4) 1976 Pontiac Firebird T/A (Featured in Hemming Muscle, Nov. 2006)
Set A: Firethorn Red, Set B: Gloss White

5) 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger (Featured in Hemmings Muscle, Sept. 2010)
Set A: Butterscotch, Set B: Bright Blue

6) 1966 Chevy Chevelle SS (Featured in Hemmings Muscle, Sept. 2010)
Set A: Regal Red, Set B: Willow Green

It's too early to announce a release date, but we'll keep you updated as time progresses! Oh, and look for MAJOR changes coming to the AW Garage in the near future as well! 

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