Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yatming Customs - Surprisingly Nice Castings

As I get older, I find myself picking up old beaters from many of the brands that I had as a kid but did not necessarily collect. I have been discovering their charm 20 - 30 years later as I drill them apart for customs and realize they were really quite well made with separate front, rear lights and opening parts for example. I have also been building up my collection of mint to near mint examples as well. For now however, I will be just showcasing a few from each brand as I have not posted anything new here in awhile. Please leave me a few comments if you have a moment as I would be interested in your thoughts good and/or bad. Until next time, keep playing with cars!

Jeff (94SS)

Yatming Customs


  1. Indeed, Yating cars can be surprising. I've always loved the brand and have quite a few myself. My favorite is probably the Citroen, I love the mono-arm steering wheel and separate tail-lamps. Your customs came out great! I specially like the Citroen, the Fox Mustang, and the Chevette with chrome hubcaps. We're big fans of your customs here in Custom Diecast México!

  2. Thank you very much Cano. I also love your work. The Citroen is my favorite of the group as well. I did realize the Jaguar is a 'Roadchamps' so I had to pull that one LOL:)