Monday, November 21, 2011

Cadillac - The New Standard of the World

I decided to make a Cadillac Dealership from the USA released Tomica/TOMY series. Most of the Caddys are Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Maisto. A few RCs as well. Many of the cars were 'Rit-Dyed' to give some variation for perspective buyers:) I made all the labels on Decal Waterslide paper (white and clear were used). Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope you all like it.


  1. VERY NICE! Major kudos to you for this dealership! I just have a few questions, though:

    1) Besides the Tomica Dealership set, which other sets were in here?

    2) How did you make the decals?

  2. Thanks Frederick,

    The Dealership, service bays, Parking lots and Gas station are all Tomy/Tomica. The labels I made using clear and white backing decal paper and just printed them as I would a photograph on my HP Photosmart 7515 wireless printer. As for the logos themselves, I copied and pasted from the web and used Powerpoint to set them up. Hope this helps.