Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Custom Hot Wheels


I buy many Hot Wheels, but I also find the need to pick up a 2nd copy so that I can 'play' around with them a bit. These are some of my newest customs although most are just detailed and a change of wheels. I hope you all like them. Leave me a comments either way. Until next time, Happy Collecting!


  1. Awesome new casting Jeff, lots of love for the cooper GMC. Too bad we don't have those new HW yet in Canada.... didnt even see the white M3.
    And where does come from that CL, is it a new casting? Never seen that one before.

  2. Thanks Vince...the Mercedes is a mid 90s $3 models that I I repainted. I have a metallic red and blue versions as well. The GMC I will soon show on MCCH. Happy Belated Canada Day.