Saturday, March 5, 2011

Custom German Taxi Stand...

Good Morning Fellow Collectors,

Today I wish to show you some models that I decided on rather quickly. I located these miniature 'TAXI'  signs that I picked up in Germany in 1999. I went out the same day, picked up some cream colored paint and sprayed away in my basement. I updated the wheels and detailed the lights and trim and then positioned them in front of a German train terminal. I hope you like these. Comments are appreciated. Now to find more of these 'TAXI' signs as they are hard to find even on the net....


  1. Very nice, and a lo tof hard work gone into the re-spray for all the models.

    Not sure if I could go to the lengths that you have done with regards to a complete re-fit of a 1-75 to re-create such a thing.

    Perhaps some transfers with advertising would complete each model - not sure how difficult to do though....

  2. Stay Tuned Keef....I have some decals for new Taxi's that I did myself coming in April (I have a big test (CISSP) that I am studying for. Also found a source for 1/87 scale Herpa Taxi signs. Thanks for the comments my friend.