Sunday, November 26, 2017

Brand New Matchbox Realrider Series - Globe Travelers

Okay...first I have to to admit to loving surprises. I had heard about these from the Gathering of Friends in New Mexico in July from Abe's 2018 Preview. With so many announcements presented there, I sort of forgot about them. Add to that the fact that John at the Lamley Blog did not get first dibs to preview them...amazeballs. So as my November ritual, I headed to the York Fairgrounds after Thanksgiving toy-show and began to look over Joyce and Mike's tables (Kiddie Kar)...jaw dropped. Rarely in this information age do I see something in person first before the Inter-webs distribute the details.

A few details, they had these at $4...yes $4. That is the correct price for these to be successful in the market. Each model gets it's own box with information from the release representing the scenario discussed on the back of the blister (see pics below). For instance, the Mini Cooper discusses travelling from one city in Germany to another. On the side of each box is a 'drawing' of that scenario with other unique info on the other side such as a red 'dot' showing where on the global map the scene being discussed is on the globe.

The best news besides these realriders (spot on) which some appear new is the fact that the Land Rover Defender is the original 2005 Release with full metal roof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck yes Matchbox (Abe).

I have no idea when and which retailers will have these available, but I ask that Mattel get these to all Markets outside of the USA. These deserve to be collected by all (ROW). Now for the pictures:

1997 Land Rover Defender 110 (Norway)

Full Metal Roof (original casting)

Ford GT40 in Gulf Racing Deco (France)

2007 Audi R8 (Monaco)

1998 Jeep Wrangler (US)

2010 Mini Cooper S Cabrio (Germany)

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Police (UK)

I hoped you folks liked these...Matchbox is killing it lately everywhere except ROW distribution so hopefully they will care to fix that for 2018.

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  1. Love this series! It has that classic Matchbox feel, with not just great models but also a background about them which instantly makes you visualize the scene in your mind (something I never felt about HW). Also, very happy the R8 has returned! (and with the Audi license back, I'm hoping to see more Audis in the range. A new R8 or RS6 would be awesome). Love the Defender, GT40 and Gallardo too, they look perfect! The only ones I'm not keen on are the Mini and Jeep. Not the best decos, and not helping with variety either. Some other, more 'street' models in plain colors would've been better. But those are just minor complaints and this set a winner imo!