Saturday, June 4, 2016

Grell HighSpeed 'Braugold' Biertruck Collection Growing

I am not quite sure how I fell into collecting these but I enjoyed drinking this beer brand the last few times we stayed in Germany on vacation where we usually rent out a house versus getting a hotel. Renting is far cheaper than hotels and it allows you to 'live' in the country you are visiting. So I usually stock up on some biers for the refrigerator and select various brands from stores like Edeka, Real, Rewe etc.

Now these next two are not 'Braugold, but 'Kulmbacher' but see how cool they are and I had to have them:)

So these all are fairly cheap on eBay where I paid no more than $6 per truck. So I hope you enjoy them and maybe you can do the same. If you are interested in the seller, let me know and I will share his eBay store with you.


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