Friday, February 12, 2016

Matchbox 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe in Stock and Custom Form

Finally I got my grubby little mits on this gem...found at Toys R Us in the new 'grab boxes' for $1.09. I really like the execution of the model but the wheels could have been more aggressive looking...and that is where I come in. I always keep one mint but like to buy a 2nd to detail and customize and that was the path I took here as well. I hope you like my interpretation of how I would have released this casting.

Added silver trim to grill and added red to Jaguar logo. My research online showed the silver detail is optional as many I saw did not have the trim highlighted.

Added silver to exhaust tips

While I like the stock wheels...wrong choice for this beast!

Had to detail the windows...too plain without it!
This is how they were found...very nice artwork and I love the box but....

Mattel 'GLUED' them shut...facepalm!
The Matchbox team could have sealed them in plastic wrap like Tomica does and still include the flaps but I digress. Until next time...

Jeff (aka 94SS and 3inchdiecastbliss)


  1. Just got my F-Type and Cherokee as well. I was disappointed with the plastic roof - I wouldn't have minded a big moonroof - but without any paint detail it just looked cheap. I like your customized one with the window detail - maybe I'll do that to mine as well.

  2. Curious to see how the new Majorette F-Type compares to the Matchbox F-Type, I don't have the Majorette yet, but looking fwd to compare the two.