Saturday, October 11, 2014

Siku Car Ferry - 100% Play Value

Okay...I love old Siku cars and trucks. Their newer stuff is made really well but the models are a little too big in scale for my collecting parameters. I like some of the newer stuff in the 1/55 scale but only get a model every once in a while, but this I just have to share.

This is pure play value to the largest dinosaurs trying to wreck cars, not shark attacks, just realistic fun of a car or truck getting on a ferry for the next journey. From the Siku website:

Car Ferry - Item No. 1750

Previously SIKU cars would have halted at a river, but now the new floating car ferry made from plastic is at hand! Loaded with up to 6 cars or 2 trucks, it crosses the waterway to the next docking area. Pull down the ramps, unload the cars and reload for the return journey. With two movable ramps to make loading and unloading vehicles easy. Unobtrusive ball-bearing fittings at the stern make manoeuvring the ferry easy over the carpet ocean! Two SIKU models are supplied with the car ferry as accessories. 


And get attention Mattel - it floats!

I am getting idea where to display it or use it, but I am getting it:)


Jeff (94SS)

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