Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New 2014 Maisto AllStars Series Available at Walmart

Hi Folks,

This weekend I was surprised to see that Maisto has been able to successfully get their product back into the Walmart chain...and I am not talking about the Walmart 'generic' packaging. The 'AllStars' series, last seen in big numbers at Target stores in the US around 5 yrs ago and more recently available throughout Europe sparingly, it was nice to see their 1:64 offerings again. It should be noted that they also seem to be carrying the 1:24 scale as well. So here are the pictures of the models I picked up:

The VW Beetle is for my friend Henk Hendricks in the Netherlands as he is an avid VW bug collector. It should be noted that these were shown in the 2013 Maisto pdf Catalog online at:


The 2014 Corvette and buick came in older blue blister packs whereas the Porsche and Viper came in a more Generic Maisto package that looked as if it was newer 2014 worldwide presentation. In any case, I hope you like these. I left behind a 2 door Cadillac (terrible tempo design) and a Lambo.


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