Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New 3 Inch JaRu for 2012

I love the unexpected. It is always exciting to come across something these days where I have not seen it posted on the web somewhere, but that is exactly what happened to me today. I was coming from my customer site on the way home and decided to stop in a Giant Foods that I do not frequent much due to location. It has been good for Mattel products in the past, but I always take a look at the 'cheap' toys as well because one never knows. I have seen small planes there from JaRu as well, but never these. There were only 2 models on the pegs which is not uncommon and I picked them both up after some quick review. They have the brand name of 'Real Wheelz' and their corporate name and model number appear on the rear of each model. The first model appears to be a Landrover Freelander with front-end features that makes it look like the Matchbox model. But these are way Jacked-up 4x4s. The Second model is a Dodge Ram Long-cab. This model seems close to the Johnny Lightning model. I will let you all come to your own conclusions. So, are they cheap? Yes (however not in price as they were $1.99 each). Do I like them? Yes, the wheels really set them off but the lack of interior is a letdown and one can see where JaRu tries to make them just generic enough to avoid licensing fees. I will keep my eyes peeled for the other 4 models as the package states there are 6 models in all. The rear of the blister-card was completely white. Leave a comment if you wish to know or see more of these.



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